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About us

Professional and Approachable First Aid Training

WELearn provide the highest quality first aid training for both individuals and groups from both the public & private sectors. At welearn training we place an emphasis on the use of real, practical skills in order to develop your confidence in dealing with a wide range of first aid incidents/accidents.

Who we are
WELearn training is owned and managed by Wayne. Wayne has over 20 years in the field of outdoor/indoor activities and initial diagnosis, treatment and casualty care. He started many years ago as a Lifeguard, and has had front line experience as a first responder for the local ambulance service.

In conjunction with providing first aid training Wayne is able to provide Medical Emergency Response training this includes the use of oxygen and various airways also including the diagnosis of various conditions and usage of medical drugs. He is able to deliver Automated External Defibrillation (AED) courses and has been working with Automated External Defibrillators since 2005. With Wayne’s experience working in various work environments such as the leisure industry and offices he has hands on experiences that he can share during the training. Manual Handling training is also available and links in nicely with the experience he has gained working in these environments. Wayne has experience of working with people from various backgrounds including working as a volunteer Co-ordinatior where he engaged with the local communities in a non affluent area and working alongside people who have learning/physical disabilities and people who may have a mental health background.

Wayne’s comprehensive background as a trainer spans across corporate training, teambuilding & staff training. This enables the training to be appropriate and informative making training and remembering easier. Training Made Easy.

As you can see welearn holds a great wealth of knowledge and skills from the varied and diverse backgrounds in Training and Paramedic/Community First Response.

You can expect our training to be prompt, with excellent communication skills, professional and high quality practical courses.