New TUC guide to epilepsy at work

New TUC guide to epilepsy at work

The epilepsy action website have recently run an article on a guide to epilepsy at work (trade union council).

Read the full article here and see more information regarding epilepsy.

The TUC brings together trade unions in Britain, acting on behalf of working people. It does lots of lobbying and campaigning to make sure that those working people are treated fairly in their jobs. In this case, the TUC is trying to do this for people with epilepsy.

By law, employers are required to make reasonable adjustments to a job or a workplace to accommodate a disability such as epilepsy. The new guide offers important information to union representatives so that they can advise people with epilepsy and their employers.

The guide suggests some reasonable adjustments for a person with epilepsy in the workplace, for instance. It also offers general epilepsy information and dispels common myths surrounding the condition.

Epilepsy in the workplace – a TUC guide also includes lots of information that may be useful to employers. This includes information about performing risk assessments and examples of good practice and communication, and examples of workplace bullying.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “I am delighted that the TUC has worked with Epilepsy Action to produce this new guide to help trade unions support members with epilepsy.

“Despite legal protection, workers with epilepsy still encounter ignorance, prejudice and discrimination. Trade unions challenge all such attitudes and behaviour and this guide will help them to do so from a position of understanding and strength.”