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feedback blue “Thoroughly enjoyed it, friendly, easy way to learn, put very much at ease. Made it fun I learnt a lot, look forward to next year”

“Really enjoyed the course, found it informative & the structure a very good way to learn & test our knowledge”

feedback orangefeedback green

“Very good trainer, friendly & made it easy to understand, I feel I understand the importance of CPR & how to give it effectively, I feel I have learnt lots”

“Hope it’s not needed, but I feel confident in its use if it is. Very good course, easy to follow, much better than expected”

“Very good course, easy to follow, instructor very clear & passionate about the subject, good use of anecdotal stories and good memory techniques”

“Clearly presented & good fun, trainer was very informative & passionate about his subject, great delivery, enjoyed the small group work”

feedback blue“Great course, made a serious subject enjoyable and light hearted, good varied range of learning techniques”

“Wayne makes the experience of learning both realistic & serious but interesting; he makes the artificial situation realistic, enjoyable and easy to remember”

“Excellent as ever, great clear presentation, good hands on approach”

feedback orangeLove the humour, easy to learn, best training I’ve had, will use again”

“Tutor was very enthusiastic, good energy and kept us interested, lots of props for interaction, not just talked to”feedback green

“Tutor was friendly with a wide range of knowledge, made the course interesting and entertaining”

“Excellent all round, very well delivered”